Cécile Hisette has worked with all the media and been confronted with a huge range of marketing, communication, and organizational problems. She has come up with various creative solutions to raise the profiles of brands, magazines, websites, product lines, and organizations ever higher, both in Belgium and abroad. She has also developed communication strategies for government and European programmes and implemented them with teams of experts in various fields.


Strategy development

Définition de stratégie

Children from 0 to 6 ans :
Unknowns. I developed a strategy for launching a club for this age group in conjunction with a doctor of psychology and psychotherapist. The club was launched in 1997. Since then it has evolved and continues to exist in several European countries.

Définition de stratégie

Setting a strategy for pitching government programmes to the population segments that they concern is a tall order. Making the programmes known is a huge task that requires all the stakeholders to work as partners.

Team management

Créatrice de département, de produits pour enfants

Motivating teams and managing and coordinating the tasks of several entities is also a human adventure.

Gestionnaire d'équipes

Motivating teams and managing and coordinating the tasks of several entities is also a human adventure.

Creator of a children’s products department

Créatrice de département, de produits pour enfants

I created a profitable licensing department from two or three files “fished out of the bin” and expanded it to eighteen countries over eight years.

Manager of rights, educational games, magazines, and teams

Gestionnaire de droits, de produits ludo-éducatifs, de magazines, d'équipes

Managing and developing the marketing and subscription policy for a legendary magazine was a true pleasure !

Implementation of various marketing and trade policies

Mise en œuvre de différentes politiques marketing et commerciales

Creating product rollout and long-term viability strategies was one of my tasks for many years.



Understanding or foreseeing a partner’s aims to enable him to sell his product even better is thrilling. Working with teams with different backgrounds on the same project is a human adventure.


Doing even better when it comes to broad and sensitive issues thanks to the partners’ unflagging determination to communicate correctly with the public is simply a fantastic experience.

Direct marketing

Marketing direct

A job that demands precision and analysis. Speaking “one to one”. Approaching customers directly and understanding them in order to grasp their expectations and get quick, measurable results for the company.



Putting artists and their works forward. Getting them known. A challenge to take up every day.

Cross-cutting programme coordination

Coordination de programmes transversaux

Managing a cross-cutting programme means working with teams with different objectives. It means channelling all forces towards meeting the final objective of better profitability.

Coordination de programmes transversaux

Coordinating, implementing, and communicating about cross-cutting programmes with a host of organizations and at a fast pace makes it possible to be the best and to achieve one’s communication goals quickly.

Adviser on organization restructuring

Conseiller en restructuration d'organisation

Detecting needs, analysing situations, and recommending new structures and resources in line with new objectives.

Other collaborations : Averbode, Jalla, Catimini, Natan, Semic Junior Press, Lestra Sport, Carlsen, Panini, Amora, Lamy-Lutti, Lindt, Ferrero, Lafuma, Infogrames, Lansay, Lunch Garden, Cora, Master Food, Delsey, Groupama, 3M, Sony, Heinz, Bel, Peugeot, L'Oréal,…