Cecile Hisette The business environment is an environment of excellence and demands, where one has to deal with the need to think things through, the magic of creation, and a huge range of businesses nationally and internationally. The world of Cécili-Z, which is totally dedicated to getting real, measurable results for its clients, is stimulating and particularly well suited to entrepreneurial personalities. It is a genuine ecosystem populated by people who are passionate about their work and offering a wealth of experience and opportunities to serve you.

Working with Cécili-Z means choosing a fascinating, passion-filled environment. It means adopting a rich and stimulating professional approach. It means taking advantage not only of its seven years of experience at the heart of Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and even beyond, into the realm of the federal government and European institutions, but also of its seventeen years of marketing in the national and international private sector.

Creativity goes hand in hand with the determination to be one of the best. With Cécili-Z you become a player in a constantly expanding and changing ecosystem. You benefit from the teamwork of people with a rich and diversified palette of talents who will put their heads together and find the right solutions to boost your business.