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As a specialist in marketing and communication, Cécili-Z proposes to work with you to set a comprehensive communication strategy that contains an optimal mix of direct marketing, press communications, and advertising, in order to bolster your relationship with your ultimate target, your clients or customers. The results will be increased brand or corporate profits or an increase in the perceived value of a service, product, or institution.

What is more, Cécili-Z is also a link between public and private. Thanks to its contacts and networks, your presence will be bolstered through strong representation of your interests to the most senior officials in our government administrations.

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Strategy Advertising

Drawing your target’s attention to a product, plan, etc., is your main objective. There are many ways to achieve this. We analyse and test the various options before implementing the best choice for an optimal ROI.

Corporate image

Strategy Corporate

Thinking about the best corporate image for your company or entity is complicated. The image must be excellent both inside and out. All staff and management must be stakeholders in the initiative. Guidance throughout the phase of in-depth reflection is necessary before you take action. This makes it possible to raise your profile or turn a negative image into a positive one in times of crisis.

In-house communication

Strategy In-house communication

Your employees are your best ambassadors. That’s a well-known fact! So, defining your in-house communication policy is a thrilling job to be done with all the stakeholders to get the message across on all levels. The ultimate aim? To improve your employees’ well-being for better performance.


Strategy Publishing

Launching a book or website is likewise thrilling, but it requires hours of intense preparation. A diversified strategy must be put in place to reach all targets, from the Y generation to the over 80! Final objective? Wide-scale recognition for maximum turnover !


Strategy Promotion

Disseminating your product, increasing its visibility is an art. Devising a multi-channel strategy requires forethought in this age of social networks and fraction-of-a-second messaging turnaround times. Managing a promotional campaign in the brand or entity’s best interests is a must.


Strategy Media

The media are expensive, increasingly segmented, and propose a jungle of offers in which many lose their way. A well-thought-out, creative strategy that makes the most of your available budget has become a must for perfectly targeted coverage.


Marketing Direct

Hypertargeting is one of the keys of direct marketing. The personalization that it involves creates an almost emotional link between your brand/entity and your customer. A good plan, before running a battery of tests and generalizing and assessing their outcomes in order to refine your customer loyalty actions, is thus simply primordial !


Marketing Promotional

Creating traffic, innovating, and conducting events to pull in consumers and boost your sales: All this is possible with a good promotional plan.


Marketing Relational

Individuals are bombarded with thousands of messages each day. It is thus important to deliver yours at the right time and the right way, and with originality, so that it will stick in the consumer’s mind.


Marketing Interactive

Why not have consumers participate in your campaigns? Testimonials, amongst other things, are useful tools. People will resonate with their peers’ accounts.

Press relations

Communication Press Relation

Informing a network of journalists correctly is a way to ensure that information about your activities is relayed well by the media in which they work.

In-house and managerial communication

Communication In-house and managerial communication

Due to today’s geographically scattered decision-making centres, for example, you have to coordinate your communication to serve your employees and management. Above all, the same clear message must be broadcast throughout all the entities concerned.


Communication Event

Colloquia, symposia, and conventions are increasingly international. That means that your events must be perfect in terms of form and substance. The content, guest speakers, choice of venue, technical features, and so on all count. Working together to make your event a success is crucial !

Editorial management

Communication Editorial management

One doesn’t write the same way for the web, dailies, and television, to mention just those media. What to do? Simply choose editorial management that suits your line of business, media channel, and image.

Designing and implementing strategies to deal with the public authorities

Public Affairs Designing

The public-private connection – does it work without a hitch? No. The parties don’t always see eye to eye. So to facilitate relations with complete trust and transparency, for each individual’s benefit, we can work together to ensure your project’s success.

Revitalization of trade associations

Public Affairs Revitalization

An outdated image? How can it be made more attractive without losing the association’s basic values? Simply by drawing up a good plan of specific action with all the stakeholders.


Public Affairs Alternative

Businesses are changing faster and faster. Creativity can help you explore as yet uncharted waters and put wind in your sails, with tangible results!